Werewolf Nights

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216 pages

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A film crew, drawn to a Michigan town because of its werewolf legend, sets a chain of events in motion in this new book.  Romance, mystery and danger mix to provide an unforgettable story.


About Mari Hamill

Mari Hamill begins her career as a novelist with Werewolf Nights. She has an English degree from Harvard, a comparative literature degree from the Sorbonne Nouvelle, and a PhD, also in comparative literature, from the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. Middlebury College, the Johannes Gutenberg University, and McGill University are among the other institutions where she’s pursued academic endeavor.



Catherine Mercy sat on the emerald-green grass of Wereville’s Yellowtoothed Park, confident that the date that would arrive in a matter of minutes would in no way alter the course of her life. The park contained the assumed estimated location where the town’s legendary werewolf-Viking founders planted their flag upon arriving centuries ago. Those were the times for interesting destiny dislodging occurrences such as werewolf settlements if, that is, they ever took place in Wereville.

Many debates between historians and cartographers took place before Wereville established the official landmark. The issue almost made it to federal court until, in 1983, Wereville’s mayor, Lars Speck, to prevent national embarrassment—although Willow Creek in California got away with its kooky Bigfoot stories—picked the spot by throwing a sibylline javelin and declaring the northern god Tyr had guided his hand.


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